Thinking about changing up your hairstyle for something new? Perms are making a big comeback in 2024, offering a range of looks from light waves to full-on curls. It’s not just about bringing back old styles; it’s about adding a modern twist that fits today’s trends. Whether you want a slight change or a total makeover, there’s a perm out there for you. Let’s take a look at some of the top perm hairstyles for men this year, perfect for anyone looking to refresh their look.

1. Short Hair Perm

Perm Hairstyles

Image via barbergirl559 on Instagram

The short hair perm is the perfect solution for guys wanting to spice up their look without the commitment of long hair. This style brings life to even the shortest cuts by adding texture and volume, making it an excellent choice for those with 3 – 4 inches of hair. It’s particularly appealing because of its low maintenance and the youthful vibe it offers. Opting for a softer wave perm can enhance your hair’s natural look without significantly reducing its length, making it a versatile choice for anyone looking to refresh their style.


2. Curl Top with a Skin Fade

Perm Hairstyles

Image via studiozenhairdressers on Instagram

For men who desire a standout hairstyle that blends modern sophistication with a touch of fun, the curl top with a skin fade is a fantastic choice. This style is perfect for those without naturally curly hair, offering a dignified yet contemporary look that suits formal and professional settings. It’s versatile enough to complement any face shape and is suitable for men of all ages. The curl top with a skin fade provides a fresh, clean-cut appearance that maintains a balance between elegance and trendiness.


3. Curls with Light Fade

Image via michelziada on Instagram

The curls with light fade style is tailor-made for younger guys in their teens and early twenties who are after a modern yet easy-to-maintain look. Featuring full curls with a subtle fade on the sides, this hairstyle exudes a contemporary flair while still being incredibly versatile. It’s a great choice for individuals with wavy or straight hair looking to introduce curls into their style. This look not only suits various face shapes but also captures a sense of youthful energy and effortless cool, ideal for those wanting to make a statement with their hair.


4. Comb Over Curly Hair with Fade

Image via Rogue and Beyond on Facebook

Reinventing the classic comb-over, this curly variation introduces a playful twist to the traditionally sleek haircut. By integrating curls into the comb-over and pairing it with a medium fade, this style achieves a smooth transition that adds volume and texture. The option for a parting line offers a neat, disconnected look that’s both stylish and easy to manage. It’s a modern take on a timeless style, suitable for men looking for a haircut that combines classic elegance with a hint of individuality and flair.


5. Curly Hair with Fringe

Image via MusicAddict on Facebook

Curly hair with a fringe offers a playful yet stylish look that’s perfect for men aiming to appear more youthful. This hairstyle embraces the natural volume and texture of curly hair, topped with a fringe that frames the face in a carefree, effortless manner. It’s particularly suited for those who prefer a low-maintenance routine, allowing you to look great without the need for extensive styling each morning. Whether you’re channelling a laid-back vibe or aiming for that coveted Korean oppa style, curly hair with a fringe is versatile for medium-length hair, making it a go-to choice for rejuvenating your appearance.


6. Korean Wave Perm

Image via 1stmonkey on Instagram

The Korean wave perm brings the allure of K-pop fashion right into your hair styling routine, offering a look that’s both stylish and effortlessly cool. Inspired by the soft, wavy textures seen on idols, this perm creates subtle waves that add depth and movement to your hair. It’s often styled with a centre part or a slightly off-centre ratio for that signature K-drama star look. Ideal for those who admire the refined, polished aesthetics of Korean pop culture, the Korean wave perm is perfect for achieving a sophisticated yet approachable hairstyle that stands out in any crowd.


7. Curly Pompadour

Perm Hairstyles

Image via specialeffectsbym on Instagram

Revitalise the iconic pompadour with a modern twist by adding curls to the mix, creating a look that’s as slick as it is voluminous. The curly pompadour breathes new life into this classic style, leveraging the natural bounce of curls to enhance the hairstyle’s characteristic volume. Suitable for medium-length hair, this variation allows for flexibility with the sides — be it shaved, low, or high fade — catering to personal preference and style. The addition of a slightly inward-curling quiff at the top introduces an extra layer of sophistication, making the curly pompadour a bold choice for those who command attention and exude confidence. 

8. Wavy Side Part

Perm Hairstyles

Image via _kazuma517 on Instagram

The wavy side part is a classic choice for men with medium to long hair seeking a touch of elegance and volume. This style is particularly beneficial for those with naturally straight hair, as it introduces movement and texture that can transform a flat appearance into a dynamic, wavy cascade. By parting the hair in a 2:8 or 3:7 ratio, it ensures a balanced flow that enhances the hair’s natural volume. The wavy side part stands out for its ability to maintain a sleek look while offering a significant boost in body and texture, making it ideal for those looking for a manageable yet sophisticated hairstyle.


9. Curly Bob

Image via littlebrokenthings on Instagram

The curly bob is an edgy, yet effortlessly cool hairstyle for men with longer hair. This look borrows from the laid-back vibe of a surfer, offering a shaggy appearance that’s surprisingly versatile. Whether you choose to let it hang loose or tuck it neatly behind your ears, the curly bob adapts to your style. Depending on the desired effect, your stylist may suggest a ceramic, spiral, or classic perm to achieve tight, lasting curls. With its high maintenance needs, this hairstyle is perfect for those committed to rocking a distinct look that combines ease with a touch of rebellion.


10. The Neat Mild Curls Perm

Image via always_veeram on Instagram

This hairstyle suits men who prefer a polished yet approachable look, offering dense, wavy curls that exude charm and sophistication. It’s exceptionally versatile, fitting seamlessly into both formal settings and more relaxed occasions. This cut is particularly flattering for those with triangular or elongated facial features, providing a softening effect. Ideal for men in their twenties and thirties, this hairstyle suits those with straight or wavy hair, making it a top choice for daily sophistication.

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