As we step into 2024, hair colour trends are all about making a statement while keeping things effortlessly chic. Experts have pinpointed a selection of shades that are not just beautiful but also rich in depth and versatility. Whether you’re looking to completely revamp your look or subtly enhance your natural hue, these trending colours offer exciting possibilities. Let’s explore these colours that are set to define hair trends in 2024, promising to add a splash of personality and style to your look.

Buttercream Blonde


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Buttercream Blonde stands out for its inviting glow, mingled with cool, icy blonde highlights that create a multidimensional aesthetic. This colour shines on a base of dark blonde to light ash brown, making it highly versatile for a wide range of skin tones. The key to its allure lies in the intricate blending of multiple blonde shades, which are strategically placed to enhance the hair’s natural movement and texture. While it offers an exquisite, high-impact look, maintaining the Buttercream Blonde requires regular touch-ups to keep the balance between warm and cool tones vibrant and the highlights fresh.

Expensive Brunette

Expensive Brunette

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The Expensive Brunette is all about the depth and shine, projecting a luxurious feel that aligns perfectly with contemporary fashion trends. Its richness and glossy finish make it a stunning choice for those looking to make a bold statement. This colour is best suited for individuals seeking to complement their wardrobe with a hair colour that offers both sophistication and a touch of edginess. Maintenance involves regular gloss treatments to preserve the shine and vibrancy, making it a commitment for those willing to invest in their hair’s brilliance.

Chestnut Brown

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Chestnut Brown introduces a deep twist to the classic brunette, ideal for adding a deeper golden tone to the hair. This trend is a fantastic option for those looking to enrich their natural brunette shade with added depth and warmth, making it particularly flattering for medium to dark skin tones. The addition of subtle highlights or balayage techniques can enhance the colour’s dynamic range, creating a naturally sun-kissed effect. While Chestnut Brown can be relatively low maintenance, incorporating occasional glossing treatments will help maintain its rich tones and luminosity.

Cowboy Copper

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Cowboy Copper is a bold, fiery hue that combines the best of copper and chestnut tones, offering a rich and earthy colour that’s both striking and wearable. This trend is tailor-made for those with a penchant for warm, vibrant colours that make a statement without overpowering. It suits a wide array of skin tones, particularly those with warm undertones, bringing a lively radiance to the complexion. Maintaining this unique colour blend may require frequent salon visits to keep the copper tones vivid and the overall colour balanced.

Ginger Red

Image via zaueras.hairstyle on Instagram

As the Cowboy Copper wave continues to ride high, Ginger Red emerges as its warmer, more vibrant cousin, ready to make its mark in 2024. This luxurious, rich shade blends the fiery intensity of orange with the deep warmth of ginger to create an eye-catching look that radiates in any light. Starting with a semi-permanent base of copper to reddish-brown, the process is refined with strategically placed highlights around the crown, complemented by deeper red to light brown lowlights that add depth and dimension. Ginger Red demands attention and suits a wide range of skin tones, promising a bold statement for those ready to embrace its warmth.

Iced Tea Hair

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Iced Tea Hair takes the essence of Cowboy Copper and refreshes it into a lighter, golden-red hue that echoes the comforting warmth and brightness of its namesake. This hair colour strikes a balance between classic charm and contemporary flair, making it a versatile choice for various skin tones. Its unique blend of reddish-gold tones delivers a modern yet timeless aesthetic, perfect for those seeking a subtle change that still makes an impact. Maintenance is moderate, focusing on preserving the delicate balance of warmth and lightness that defines this captivating shade.

Live-in Bronde

Image via zoeskeltonbeauty on Instagram

Live-in Bronde is celebrated for its effortlessly chic blend of blonde and brunette, embodying a natural, understated beauty that’s perfect for those who prefer a low-maintenance hair colour. This trend appeals to a broad spectrum of individuals, especially those looking for a colour that grows out gracefully, making it ideal for busy lifestyles. The soft transition between shades ensures that upkeep is minimal, with occasional lightening sessions recommended to refresh the look without significant commitment to constant care.


Hazelnut Latte

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Perfectly complementing the trending Italian bob, Hazelnut Latte offers a sophisticated bronde palette, enriched with cool, milky highlights that promise a dimensional yet effortless look. This shade is the epitome of low-maintenance luxury, enhanced with gloss treatments like L’Oréal Paris Le Color Gloss in Smoky Bronde to rejuvenate and add a subtle shine to balayage or highlighted hair. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking a colour that pairs elegance with practicality, offering a chic update that works beautifully with face-framing cuts.

Baby Balayage

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Baby Balayage revitalises the traditional balayage technique with a finer, more delicate approach, embodying the essence of subtlety that defines 2024’s hair colour trends. This method focuses on lightly hand-painted highlights at the tips of the hair, creating a soft, naturally dimensional look that’s both chic and understated. Ideal for those seeking an update that blends seamlessly with their natural colour, Baby Balayage promises an effortlessly stylish look with minimal upkeep, perfect for enhancing the hair’s natural beauty.


hair colours

Image via pacolatorre on Instagram

Opalising introduces a revolutionary twist to wearing platinum blonde by infusing subtle shades of blue, violet, and pink to create a multidimensional, glistening effect reminiscent of an opal stone. This trend, also known as celestial silver or pearlescent white, offers a holographic allure that transforms platinum blonde from flat to fascinating. Achieving this look requires patience and commitment to maintenance, but the result is a breathtakingly bright and vibrant colour that captures the light and eyes of onlookers.

Smoked Lavender

hair colours

Image via sara__926 on Instagram

Smoked Lavender is a smoky, muted lavender shade that offers a flattering and modern take on hair colour, perfect for those looking to make a statement. Its unique palette requires skillful blending to achieve the perfect balance of grey and purple tones, promising a head-turning look that’s both edgy and elegantly understated.


In wrapping up, the hair colour trends for 2024 cater to everyone, offering a mix of bold and natural shades that are all about expressing your unique style. Whether you’re leaning towards the striking Ginger Red or the subtle Baby Balayage, these trends promise something for every taste and lifestyle.

Considering a change? Act Point Salon is the perfect place to start your transformation, offering expert advice and services to help you embrace one of these trendy colours. Refreshing your look with a new hair colour is an exciting way to step into the new year with confidence. After all, choosing the right hair colour is about finding what makes you feel great.

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